Ankle Support with Soft Gel Material Item #: C1AN-904~905

Size Available: Free Size

Specifiation: (8.7"/22cm)
Detailed Product Description   

Item #: C1AN-904~5

Size Available: Free Size

Specifiation: (8.7''/22cm)

Color: White, Blue, Black

MOQ: 1,000 Pcs per size

Two 8.7''/22cm height molded plastic shells and lateral ankle supports  
attached by a supporting stirrup with gel pad. 

Gel pad lining  provides extra cushion and comfort to the patient.

Vertical side straps and swivel straps provide stability to injured ankles.

Fit either left or right ankle.

Suitable for acute soft tissue injury lateral ligament injury, instability, 
medial lateral ankle instability, rheumatoid, arthritis and osteoarthritis. 


How to wear?

1. open

2. strap

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